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ChromeOrange Music is a "one-stop shop" for music licensing.  Browse our catalog of songs and recordings.

Please submit a license request via the form below and allow 48 to 72 hours for a response. All fields must be filled in.

Thanks for submitting!

Synchronization License

Synchronization licenses (or "sync" licenses) are granted when music is to be used in conjunction with a timed visual sequence (i.e. - television, film, video game, web-based video, or television or internet advertising). 

Mechanical License

A mechanical license is granted when someone wants to record a song and then subsequently distribute and sell copies of that song via downloads, streaming, or physical product (i.e. - CDs, vinyl records). The statutory mechanical royalty that must be paid at the time the license is obtained is 9.1 cents per copy to be distributed. 

Master Use License

A master use license is granted when someone wants to use an existing recording of a song. For film, television, video games, and advertising, a master use license must be obtained in conjunction with the synch license described above so that the user has permission to a) use the recording, and b) synch it with a timed visual sequence (i.e. - television, film video game, commercial. For radio usage, only a master use license is necessary. 

Videogram License

A videogram license is granted when someone who previously obtained a synch license subsequently wishes to distribute via DVD or streaming a movie, television show, video game or other timed visual sequence that incorporates a song/musical composition and a recording of it. 

Print License

A print license is granted when someone wants to print a song in a songbook ("folio"), sheet music, magazine, book, or other printed media. 

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