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ChromeOrange Music is a "one-stop shop" for music licensing.  Click here to browse our catalog of songs and recordings.

Please submit a license request via the form below and allow 48 to 72 hours for a response. All fields must be filled in.

Synchronization License

Synchronization licenses (or "sync" licenses) are granted when music is to be used in conjunction with a timed visual sequence (i.e. - television, film, video game, web-based video, or television or internet advertising). 

Mechanical License

A mechanical license is granted when someone wants to record a song and then subsequently distribute and sell copies of that song via downloads, streaming, or physical product (i.e. - CDs, vinyl records). The statutory mechanical royalty that must be paid at the time the license is obtained is 9.1 cents per copy to be distributed. 

Master Use License

A master use license is granted when someone wants to use an existing recording of a song. For film, television, video games and advertising, a master use license must be obtained in conjunction with the synch license described above so that the user has permission to a) use the recording, and b) synch it with a timed visual sequence (i.e. - television, film video game, commercial. For radio usage, only a master use license is necessary. 

Videogram License

A videogram license is granted when someone who previously obtained a synch license subsequently wishes to distribute via DVD or streaming a movie, television show, video game or other timed visual sequence that incorporates a song/musical composition and a recording of it. 

Print License

A print license is granted when someone wants to print a song in a songbook ("folio"), sheet music, magazine, book or other printed media. 


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ChromeOrange Music  is a New York-based music content development  group that provides music, audio and entertainment production, marketing, branding, and original music for film, television, video games, internet and broadcast advertising, print and other licensing applications. 


Please visit our Music Catalog page to hear clips of musical compositions and recordings we have available for licensing. 

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